Laura Sagen

Creative powerhouse for fintech companies.

My Philosophy

I don’t work for you – I work for your customers. With you.

It is with your customer in mind I design products and user experiences. I delve in deeper motivation: their emotions, and develop designs which appeal to that inner core.

My Clients

I work with innovative companies in fintech space that focus on making change with their products and services and challenging the status quo of financial industry.

My Skills

Branding Strategy




Web Design





My bio.

Not a usual story.

I see design as a tool to express thoughts and emotions of my clients and my own perception of it. Creating and adding value through visual communication is what inspires me every day.

I come from a somewhat different background: management consulting in finance. For years I have worked closely with world’s largest financial institutions helping them identify pain points and areas for improvement to drive growth. However my passion was innovation, social change and creation of tangible value.

Driven by that passion, I’ve tried my hand in setting up a startup, but there was something missing for me. All the while, I was in London – vibrant, creative hub of the world. Surrounded by inspiring startups and working on my own idea, I discovered design and power of the brand. This led me to study Graphic Design and graduating from Shillington College. And the rest – was history.

After working with brands in various sectors, I decided to focus on creating change in the industry that needs it most. In my work, I apply my management consulting and experience in finance together with the design skills to shape the product that your customers love to use and brand they can easily relate to.

Unless you’re in the business of losing customers, fintech doesn’t have to be boring, in fact it shouldn’t be.

“I had the honor and pleasure of working with Laura. She takes her clients through a carefully crafted thought process. She takes a thorough and detailed briefing of your organizations mission and objectives, then applies language, shape, color in order to elegantly move ideas to design. The result was astonishing. She demonstrated through her process how simplicity is elegance. ”

Steve StineThorough understanding and astonishing result

“Laura was my partner in crime for the design of Maybe Capital, a board game I created. She was able to translate my vision into a beautiful and perfect visual design. She is not only a super creative and intelligent individual, but a lovely person as well. Her design skills are near alchemy and I am so pleased to have worked with her!”

Andrea KovalHer design skills are near alchemy!

“Laura is full of creative force and ideas. It was a pleasure to work with her. Always responsive, professional and going out of her way to make everything look and feel perfect. Laura helped me with copy and with structuring the website so that everything flows. My website is very beautiful, I am very happy with it.”

Magda JenkinsLaura is full of creative force and ideas.
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