How to define your target customer and design for them

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"Who is your target customer?" I come across many clients who either cannot answer the question, or reply “Everyone”. And I’m not even sure which one is worse for their...

How to end up with the design you love: 11 things to make a perfect design brief

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I get a lot of design briefs. One-liner briefs, two-liner briefs, briefs that are not even briefs – but just a mumble of generic words (“Make it cool!”, “Make it interesting”)….

5 quick steps on hiring a freelance designer for your business

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I have been on both sides of the fence: a business owner looking for someone to design my app, and designer working with the client on their brain baby. Most important…

Why I chose Graphic Design as a career

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I have to say that Graphic Design isn't a career. And in fact I didn't choose Graphic Design, in a way it chose me and I just couldn't not to...